Monday, 15 August 2011

Victoria Falls Occupancy levels 15 August 2011

Feedback from Go To Victoria Falls members is that arrivals into Vic Falls have seen an impressive turn around, with the monthly fair market share stats at the end of July [2011], showing a huge increase from last and previous years. This is in direct contrast to the current tourism arrival figures in other Southern African destinations. According to occupancy records at seven different hotels, covering a total of 1008 rooms, arrivals into the destination were up by 20%, based on the same seven months last year (January to July). This translates into 13,193 extra rooms occupied, (63 per night) over the same period in 2010.

Several hotels had their best July since 2000, at an astounding 70% + occupancies, and in some cases, July was amongst the best three or four months ever experienced at these hotels.

Furthermore, going forward August to November is looking extremely promising for the destination, with even greater occupancies forecast, according to the in system occupancies   for these hotels. There are reports of 80% + and perhaps even the possibility of a few at 90% +. In addition, average room rates and Revenue Per Available Room (Revpar) are rising in tandem, which is fantastic news for the destination.

The economic and downstream benefits of this arrival trend are obvious as international and regional tourists, along with Zimbabwean visitors, spend ever increasing amounts of disposable income on their holidays. All areas of tourism, which include hotels, transfers, activities, restaurants, national parks, curio sellers, fuel stations, supermarkets and suppliers of goods, will be seeing a direct upswing in revenue as a result of these increased arrivals.

According to Ross Kennedy, CEO of Africa Albida, “Victoria Falls Safari Lodge had the best July occupancy in 10 years at 70%. The Boma Place of Eating had its second best July ever. Only July 2007 saw more covers per night at an average of 183, while 2011 had on average 163 per night.”

Meanwhile Ilala Lodge Hotel General Manager, Roddy Meiring, advised that “the hotel saw a massive 87% occupancy in July 2011, which is up 15% on last year”.

General Manager of The Victoria Falls Hotel, Karl Snater, says “we have seen an increase in occupancies from 2010, for all months except March, with July showing a massive 21% increase in occupancy from last year”.

These statistics show that while many destinations in Southern Africa might be seeing a decline in visitors, Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe side is on the up and once again being recognised as the world class destination, it has always been proud to be.

Source:  Victoria Falls Occupancy levels (15 August 2011)

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