Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Developments planned at The Lookout

Wild Horizons have announced that they planning to expand their Gorge Lookout facilities with the addition of a new restuartant building.

The Wild Horizon Gorge Lookout is part of their Gorge Swing and high-wire activity development and overlooks the second section of gorge downstream from the Victoria Falls, between the Victoria Falls Bridge and Victoria Falls Hotel on the Zimbabwe side. Last year they expanded this operation to include a 'canopy' zip line trail through the gorge.

In their August Newsletter, Wild Horizons show an artists impression of the new 'extension' (which appears to dwarf the existing buildings) - a 40 seater restaurant and cocktail bar perched on the edge of the Batoka Gorge. The '360° Lookout - Bistro on the edge' will offer "a simplistic but totally unique menu, and in addition to serving imported wines and spirits, there will be a lively cocktail menu."

Artist's Impression Courtesy of Larry Norton.

Clive Bradford, Wild Horizons operations director, has commented that there will be no interruption to gorge-side activities during the construction process, which is expected to be complete in early 2015.

The development is within the sensitive local environment of the Falls - within the National Park and UNESCO World Heritage areas and an Internationally Important Bird Area. We hope that a leading operator such as Wild Horizons will aim to make tihs developnent as eco-friendly as possible, minimising the environmental impact of the build and ongoing operation of this development. Already this operation has grown significantly since it was first established on this site - and one would expect this to be an essential and key part of any such development.

Source: Wild Horizons Newseltter, August 2014

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