Sunday, 31 January 2016

Littering and Dumping in Victoria Falls Carries Fines

(Victoria Falls)

29 January, 2016

The basic role of the Urban Councils Act in Zimbabwe is to regulate "the affairs of cities, municipalities, towns and local boards" ( This means that it governs local authorities in urban areas (while the Rural District Act governs local authorities in rural areas).

According to the Urban Councils Act (Chapter 29: 15), it is an offense to throw litter such as waste containers, clippings, rubbish, rubble, garden waste or vegetable matter, paper, etc. or any other matter or substance which is unwholesome, offensive or untidy.

In Victoria Falls, the Anti-Litter By-Laws have offences and penalties, which are as follows:

1. Street littering (bus tickets, food wrappers, cigarette packets etc) - US$ 50

2. Littering at picnic spots, lay-bys, parks and open spaces - US$ 50

3. Discharging rubbish from a vehicle - US$100

4. Dumping of garden refuse or building rubble where prohibited - US$250

5. Dumping of dead animals, filth or any substance which is unwholesome, offensive or untidy - US$300

6. Dumping of hazardous waste material - US$1000

7. Affixing a poster, sign or advertisement of any material to a wall, post, tree - US$300

8. Continuing contravention, for each day during which the contravention continues - US$100

In the Victoria Falls town centre, you will find trash receptacles along the roads, and at the supermarkets. If, for some rare reason you cannot find one, or they are filled up, the lodges and hotels in town will have somewhere for you to get rid of refuse.

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