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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Sun, Steel and Spray - A History of the Victoria Falls Bridge

Announcing a new, extended edition of 'Sun, Steel and Spray - A History of the Victoria Falls Bridge' by Peter Roberts

Sun, Steel & Spray - A History of the Victoria Falls Bridge is a comprehensive history of the Victoria Falls Bridge. Built in 1904-5 as part of the extension of the envisaged Cape-to-Cairo railway north into central Africa, the spanning of the Zambezi River pushed engineering knowledge and construction techniques of the time to new heights, literally, for at the time the Victoria Falls Bridge was the highest of its kind over water.

With close to 100 period photographs over 150 pages, Sun, Steel and Spray is full of interesting facts, entertaining stories and information detailing the rich history of this iconic structure, from conception and construction to its ongoing management and maintenance.

This revised second edition builds on information published in the first edition and is presented in a new revised layout, with expanded text and many additional stories, details and images.

See for more information and post-publication updates. [158 pages, 45,000 words]

Available to order online in the US through and the UK through - with shipping across the world.

First published by the Victoria Falls Bridge Company (2011).
Second Edition Zambezi Book Company / CreateSpace Independent Publishing (2016).

See for more information and post-publication updates.

Also see Peter's second book, Corridors Through Time - A History of the Victoria Falls Hotel, also available on Amazon.

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