Sunday, 2 April 2017

Massive corruption unearthed at National Parks

There is suspected high level corruption at the national parks allegedly committed by some board officials names supplied amid calls by stakeholders for a probe to be instituted to further expose those who are involved.

A source close to the goings on said the corrupt activities involves a Mrs Mupamhanga  a depute chair of the board  the wife of Justin Mupamhanga a senior Government official in the President Robert Mugabe's office.

He said also the Chair of the Conservation committee  Cephas Mudenda  who is allegedly part of the racket is related to the speaker of parliament Jacob Mudenda and is former National Parks employee.

"National Parks has not yet paid workers salaries for the past four months while ranger field allowances has not yet been paid for the past 5 years," said the close source.

"When the board was ushered in the office workers were very happy thinking that things will change for the better but alas it is changing to the worse. The new Board have leased 19 lodges at Zambezi camp in Victoria falls for peanuts to George Pangeti former Parks Board Chair person. Pangeti is a front man for Mark Bosh a South African."

He said the lodges which were generating income for National Parks of about $300 000 annually are being leased by Pangeti effective 1 April 2017 for $60 000,00 per annum.

"They will not employ the current staff but will employ their own workers. They were given the lodges as they are for just $60 000, 00 per year. The front man for the Board Vice Chair is Councillor Muleya a Parks employee who is ward 19 concillor," he said. 

"Pangeti company promised to construct a school at Zambezi and the ceremony was officiated by Minister Muchinguri in September 2016 but there is nothing taking place at the construction site. Councillor Muleya misinformed the Minister and the Minister fall to the trickery of Muleya and Mrs Mupamhanga. Apart from the 19 lodges given for a song Pangeti has three other sites in the National Park and is paying peanuts. The lodges were given without going to tender and the lease period is 25 years."

He said that's corruption at its best. What is the logic of leasing  19 lodges for  $60 000,00 when the Lodges generated over $300 000,00. 

"Thats corruption. Why was it was not given through tender as per procedures," he said.

"The Board members are more of National Parks Director who go to National Parks on a daily basis for them to get allowance.  When travelling on business trip they want to fly in business class when the ranger is not getting salary. Pangeti has been given other areas in Matusadonha National Park, Mana Pools. The park is being evaded by foreigners please highlight this if you need more information will avail or send me your number for more information."

The efforts to get comment from the authorities and those concerned in the alleged corruption were fruitless.

Source: Massive corruption unearthed at National Parks (01/04/17)

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