Footsteps Through Time

Footsteps Through Time
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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Boat sinks in Zambezi River

No-one was injured and no tourists were on board. The boat captain and two crew members were testing it when the accident occurred.

The police officer commanding Victoria Falls, Chief Superintendent Regis Munya-radzi, on Monday said, “We received a report and the concerned party has enlisted the services of our sub-aqua unit to retrieve the boat from the river.”

The boat is lodged in the gorges beneath the mighty Victoria Falls and people standing on the bridge can see it.

Sources said the boat was supposed to do a pre-run before tourists boarded it.

“The boat rode a wave and the engine just stopped. The boat filled with water and when it started sinking, the crew jumped into the river.

“They swam to the river bank,” said the source.

Late on Monday, the Police Sub-Aqua Unit was still trying to retrieve the boat.

Jet boat cruises are popular with tourists.

Source: Boat sinks in Zambezi River (26/10/10)

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