Thursday, 14 October 2010

Vic Falls on the rebound

After several years of losing ground to Livingstone, Zambia, “Vic Falls” is once again popular and the town can still claim to be the adventure capital of Africa, given the steady supply of adventure activities.

And since the coming in of the inclusive Government, the resort town has witnessed an upsurge in arrivals.

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) has also indicated that the sector has grown by seven percent this year.

The rise has also been noted by travel magazines and publications of note such as Getaway travel magazine and the which are part of stakeholders complementing Government’s efforts in marketing the country regionally and internationally.

According to Getaway magazine, “Vic Falls” is now the place to be as it is very accessible, has beautiful hotels and lodges among packages thus making the destination stand above other destinations.

“Getting there, SAA, BA Comair and Air Zimbabwe fly to Victoria Falls every day. You can also fly into Livingstone in Zambia, from where it is a short transfer across the border to Vic Falls.

“Citizens of South Africa and other Sadc countries don’t need visas to visit,” reads magazine.
According to the, safety has never been an issue in the resort town and the country at large. “Friendliness is endemic — a major reality, not an empty word, 70 percent of the views of the Falls are from the Zimbabwean side, the infrastructure of properties and products is as pristine, even better than ever,” reads the publication.

Overland truck companies such as Kananga, Wild Touch, Drifters and Nomad that had relocated to Livingstone are now bringing in tourists straight into Victoria Falls.

Other companies that had also opened offices in Livingstone have also returned here.

Whether one is an adrenalin “junkie” or someone who would rather stroll through the rainforest or admire the sunset on a river cruise, Victoria Falls has something for everyone.

There are more than 50 activities to choose from which include air activities, land activities, water activities and scenic activities. On the other hand, Zambians are also coming here for shopping.

The opening of TM Supermarket brought about competition of the retail sector and prices of basic commodities are now affordable to the extent of attracting Zambians.

Source: Vic Falls on the rebound (13/10/10)

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