Thursday, 7 August 2014

3 guards murdered in robbery at tourism company (Livingstone, Zambia)

Criminals in Livingstone strangled three security guards to death and blew a safe with dynamite at tourism operator Baoka Sky, before getting away with K48,000 cash.

Engineer Zulu aged 35 of Linda Compound, Masiliso Sikombwa 35 of Dambwa Site and Service and Adam Siateba of Linda Compound, all working for Panorama Security were strangled with sisal ropes between 01:00 hours and 02:00 hours this morning.

Southern Province Police Commissioner Mary Chikwanda said the victims were found tied up with sisal ropes around their necks.

“I can confirm that a very un-fortunate incident occurred at Batoka Sky Adventures where three security guards belonging to Panorama Security Company, were strangled and the criminals went away with K48,000 cash,” Ms Chikwanda said. “Unfortunately, the trio were alone at the Batoka Sky premises when the incident occurred and the suspects are on the run,” she said.

Ms Chikwanda said two of the victims were found already dead in the morning while the other one died on arrival at Livingstone General Hospital.

She said the unfortunate incident was as a result of companies engaging security firms that had no capacity to combat serious crime.

Panorama Security Company is one of several professional private security operations who offer security services to local businesses and inidviduals. Presumably gaurds are are fully trained in handling and reacting to emergency situations and the have support and backup from mobile units. There would also have been security alarm systems on site and security on neighbouring properties.

Ms Chikwanda has since advised companies that keep huge sums of money at their premises to engage proper security companies that are armed in order to safeguard both property and lives.

Batoka Sky is part of Livingstone’s Adventure Group of Companies.

Three Batoka Sky guards strangled to death - Lusaka Voice (5/08/14)

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