Monday, 12 January 2015

Another Cafe for Vic Falls Town

ZimCafe Pub & Grill chain to open ZimCafe International in Vic Falls Town, due Feb
ZimCafe Pub & Grill Restaurant has spread its wings to Victoria Falls with a new hangout that is set to add on to the already glowing city's night life. The new ZimCafe International situated at Zambezi Centre in the resort city will equal the standards of the one that is along Kwame Nkurumah Avenue in Harare with excellent cuisines and quality entertainment.
An official opening is scheduled for February where guests including international visitors will be treated to music and food.
Isaac Neshamba, the director of ZimCafe, said they were happy that the brand was spreading its wings not only in the region but also internationally.
"We are steadily growing into the region and hopefully we are going to hit the international scene. The Victoria Falls hangout is upmarket and a bit spacious to ensure that diners and revellers enjoy themselves freely.
"The official opening is expected in February but already the Minister of Tourism and Hospitality has toured the hangout to have a feel of what the joint is all about and therefore we are raring to go," Neshamba who is more popularly known in the industry as "F&B Guru" said.
Neshamba said while competition was stiff in the resort area, ZimCafe had a unique dining experience which tourists and visitors would find irresistible.
"We did our survey and found out that a lot of hangouts in the city lack in quality entertainment. So every Thursday there is going to be a live performances by different bands and then we shall be hosting top DJs from all the radio stations that include Star FM, Power FM and ZiFM.
"The hangout is not for under-21s so in other words we are looking at the mature crowds as our patrons. And with regards to food, breakfast will be served as well as our signature traditional dishes from Zimbabwe," he said.
He said after visitors tour the falls and taken part in several activities, ZimCafe Pub & Grill should be the place to be to cool off and enjoy the vibes.

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