Friday, 24 April 2015

Vic Falls recreational park to open in 2017

The planned $18 million historical and recreational park, Santonga, in Victoria Falls is set to open in 2017, according to the Africa Albida Tourism group.

The group told Tourism Update that newspaper reports suggesting Santonga would open to the public in July next year are incorrect.

The 80ha education, entertainment and conservation park will tell the story of Victoria Falls, not only through its wildlife, but also its rich history and culture.

Africa Albida Tourism group chairman Dave Glynn explains: “It is getting pretty horrifying to learn how much and how quickly wildlife populations are under threat across Africa from poaching, range loss, habitat loss and a host of other, mainly human, interventions. At Santonga we will be placing a huge emphasis on wildlife education and conservation to try to help expose as much as we can and hopefully to become a funding node for many aspects of area wildlife preservation and research.”

Glynn further said Santonga is the story of people and the rich history that the area can boast. Visitors to Santonga will be taken on a highly interactive journey through time from the region's very beginnings, including some exciting educational and entertaining experiences.

“Santonga is not a closed project,” said Glynn, adding that Africa Ablida understands the group has very serious responsibilities to do an exceptional and responsible job. “We have been here for 28 years. The door is always open and we are at all times happy to listen and debate your concerns.”

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