Friday, 29 May 2015

Vic Falls man in court for robbing Swiss couple

A VICTORIA Falls man who allegedly broke into a lodge at night and robbed, under duress, a Swiss couple that was on holiday in the resort town has been dragged to court.

Josphat Ncube, 28, is alleged to have pounced on the sleeping couple-Sofia Surla and Dabrila Nesic-Surla, who were booked at Imvelo Gorges Lodge on April 2 this year.

Prosecutor Listen Nare said Ncube was in the company of two Zambians identified as Njamba Toloto and Takanyala who are on the run.

They allegedly stole cameras, a suitcase with clothes and cash amounting to $500 and 30 Swiss Francs.

Part of the property was recovered on the Zambian side near Livingstone where Ncube was arrested at a roadblock during the same night as he and his alleged accomplices illegally crossed into the neighbouring country but ended in the hands of the police.
The alleged Zambian accomplices evaded arrest as they fled leaving Ncube, the court was told.
Ncube appeared before Victoria Falls magistrate Sharon Rosemani on Friday to answer to unlawful entry, robbery and violating the Immigration Act.

Zambian authorities handed Ncube to ZRP on his release from prison on Monday after he had served 30 days for the offense of illegally crossing into that country following his arrest on April 2.

On Friday, the magistrate denied him bail after the prosecutor opposed it on the grounds that he was a flight risk.

Ncube denied the charges, saying the two Zambians had hired him to help them carry the loot to the neighbouring country. He was remanded in custody to June 3.

Nare said Ncube and his alleged accomplices used a craw bar to force open the door into a room where their victims were sleeping.

Ncube and colleagues allegedly ransacked the room and stole cameras, a suitcase with clothes and the cash.

It is alleged that Ncube, and his alleged accomplices crossed the border into Zambia at about midnight but ran out of luck when they were intercepted at a roadblock and searched leading to the recovery of stolen property.

Ncube was allegedly found in possession of Sofia’s Master Card, a university ID card under the name Erasmus, and some insurance cards.

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