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Saturday, 16 May 2015

ZimParks in $12.5 million debt

Minister of environment, water and climate Saviour kasukuwere has revealed that the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management is saddled in a $12.5 million debt.

The debt is crippling functions of the organisation.

Kasukuwere told Parliament that Parks and Wildlife authority which has the mandate to manage all wildlife in the country is still struggling to raise adequate working capital to meet its operational and capital requirements and this has resulted in the accumulation of obligations which are now standing at $12.5 Million.

"The Authority has statutory obligations to carry our functions such as problem animal control, fire management, law enforcement, environmental education and awareness campaigns, as its contribution to safeguarding our natural heritage, public safety and security, food security, etc.

"These statutory obligations are not revenue streams but cost centres in which all costs are borne by the Authority without any fiscal assistance."

He said out of a total of 66 protected areas, only 12 or 18% are generating sufficient revenue to cover their operational expenses.

"Conservation is expensive and requires Government support especially in the face of many wildlife trade restrictions.

"The organisation is struggling to meet minimum standards for conservation since it is self financing conservation.

"Furthermore, there is a challenge of resource for field operations, administration and investments."

Source: ZimParks in $12.5 million debt ()

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