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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Livingstone golf club in ruins

THE Livingstone Golf Club is in utter ruin, forcing some dedicated golfers to maintain the course only up to eight instead of 18 holes, reveals club trustee Modern Silunyange.

In an interview, Silunyange said the 1908 Golf Club is however a matter before the courts.
“We are before courts of law with regards an investor who only paid six months out of the 20-year contract. The club house and course is in ruins and we have managed to try and maintain the grass with the assistance of four Zambians of Asian origin and now we can only play eight holes instead of 18,” Silunyange said.
He added that the saddest part of it all was the usage of the golf course for church crusades and musical concerts.
“Churches are good, but I have never seen a golf course being used for a church service,” he said.
“The investor has run away and we hear that he is now a game scout at some game park in Sudan. However, the issue is before the courts of law and we can’t do anything until a ruling is made. But it is sad in that all the clubhouse equipment has been sold.”
Asked to give an estimate of how much is needed to renovate the golf course and clubhouse, Silunyange said he could not give any at the moment but added that the place was in utter ruin.
Source: Livingstone golf club in ruins (06/01/18)

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