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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Rangers drive buffalo from Zim's Vic Falls

Game rangers have driven a large herd of buffalo out of Zimbabwe's prime tourist resort of Victoria Falls, locals said on Thursday.
The buffalo were chased into the busy town in the west of the country by a pride of lions, prompting warnings to residents to be extremely careful.
The herd took refuge near the Sprayview hotel, in the centre of the resort town.
"It was quite a big herd," said Jonathan Hudson, chairperson of the town's hospitality association.
"The lions split the herd into two, but then the National Parks [rangers] and the Victoria Falls anti-poaching unit, they managed to move them back out of town.
"No injuries, just a lot of excitement. It has happened quite a while back, but not for a long time."
Warnings circulating on social media from Victoria Falls on Wednesday read: "Stay away from the bush. Do not walk along paths surrounded by bush. It is very dangerous and the buffalo have been terrorised by people and the lions."
Residents of outlying suburbs of Victoria Falls sometimes contend with wandering game, but the animals rarely venture into the centre of the town.


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