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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Victoria Falls to avail 1,000 housing stands

VICTORIA Falls Municipality, which faces shortage of land for expansion, plans to avail close to 1,000 housing stands. The stands will be between Mkhosana and Chinotimba suburbs along the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls main road and along Kazungula-Victoria Falls road. The place had over the years been reserved as an animal corridor with no development allowed. The local authority has a housing backlog of about 10,000.

Town Clerk Christopher Dube recently told a full council meeting that high demand for housing had forced the council to seek clearance to develop the buffer zone for housing development.

“The buffer zone is the area between the main road and Mkhosana stands, which is not supposed to be developed. It’s 300m in width and now we would have to reduce it to only 70m and develop stands on the other end,” said Dube.

He said the development had been pushed by high demand for housing in the resort town. The Town Clerk said for nearly five years the local authority had tried to get authorisation to change the land use which was only granted recently.

Source: Victoria Falls to avail 1,000 housing stands (12/08/15)

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