Tuesday, 23 April 2013

'New Town' for Victoria Falls?


The Standard -
14 April 2013

The Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry has secured prime land for a new 'Victoria Falls City' in the resort town.

Tourism minister Walter Mzembi said last week that the Ministry of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development had already transferred 1,200 hectares of prime land from the Hwange District Council to build the new city. "We are not going to interfere with the old Victorian setting, we will leave it intact. But going backwards towards the airport, 1,200 ha under the Hwange District Council has been transferred to us to create a new city," Mzembi said.

Meanwhile, President Robert Mugabe is expected to launch the Tourism Policy next month with a roadmap on how the industry operates.

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UPDATE: Comment by Gill Standen, 22/04/13,

Walter Mzembi, Minister of Tourism, stated that land had been allocated for a new Victoria Falls City. The city [is] to be modeled on Niagara Falls City and be home to hotels, theme parks, and casinos. 1,200 [hectares] has been allocated to the project on the road to the airport. There are also plans to develop Kariba and Masvingo for tourism.

I think we have heard all this before. When the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) meeting was announced to take part at the Victoria Falls, to be shared between Zambia and Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe government pledged to build massive infrastructure. It didn’t happen. It didn’t happen for two reasons. Firstly the government has no money, and secondly the private sector would not take on the challenge. The situation has not changed.

Until Zimbabwe sorts out its political situation and tourists feel comfortable visiting Zimbabwe, the tourism industry cannot be revived. So, the plan to build a new Victoria Falls City will be a pipe dream and maybe is just being mooted for political means.

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  1. The potential is there. Victoria Falls is one of my personal big 3 in southern Africa (along with the Kruger and Cape town), and could easily be more than what it is.