Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Calls for rapid response unit on human-animal conflict

The Post, Zambia
14 April 2013

Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe has urged the Zambia Wildlife Authority to develop a rapid response system for dealing with human-animal conflicts in the district.

And two elephants among the herd that was terrorising people in chief Sipatunyana's chiefdom of Kalomo and Zimba districts have been killed by ZAWA.

Munkombwe, who visited the families of the victims recently killed by an elephant, expressed sadness over the deaths and described them as unfortunate. "The ZAWA should have a system of rapid response so that when an issue like that one takes place, we should be able to respond quickly and assist the people. That elephant could have killed more than ten people but... when they came in they acted swiftly and they killed the animal," Munkombwe said. "It's a very regrettable incident. So as government we will see how we can offer some assistance to the families. I know that the area is devastated by droughts and there are no crops. There is hunger in the area and when a thing of this type takes place it devastates the families, it's terrible."

And Kalomo senior wildlife police officer-in-charge, Kaunda Banda confirmed the killings of the elephants in Simwami area around 16 hours.

However, another stray elephant is reported to have been seen in chief Simwatachela area of Zimba district, still posing a threat to residents in the chiefdom.

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